Investigating Complaints

After we receive your Complaint, we will let you know as soon as possible if we can investigate it. If we cannot, we will let you know why.


How we carry out our investigation depends on each Complaint. It may be that we write to the Board of the Pension Protection Fund and ask them for their comments.


If we think that a determination by the Ombudsman may significantly adversely affect someone else, the papers may also be sent to them. We use the term significantly adversely affected persons to describe such people. If someone maybe significantly adversely affected we will give them the opportunity to comment. We publish a list of current complaints that we need to notify members of.


If we have received other Complaints about a similar issue to yours, or if you have asked us to consider a Referral as well as a Complaint, we may deal with them together. If we intend to do this we will let those involved know.


You can ask for an oral hearing. Whether an oral hearing is needed is ultimately the Ombudsman's decision.


When we have all the information necessary for a decision to be reached, we will decide what action, if any, the Board of the Pension Protection Fund should take. When the Ombudsman makes a formal decision, this will be final and binding subject only to an appeal to the Courts.

The Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman is also the Pensions Ombudsman >>