Investigating and Considering Appeals

When we receive your Appeal, we will let you know as soon as possible if we can consider it. If we cannot, we will let you know why.


If we can deal with your Appeal and it is about a scheme notification decision or scheme eligibility decision, we will have to take steps to publicise that the Appeal has been made to any interested persons, and tell them about any developments with it. We publish a list of any such appeals we are investigating.


A scheme notification decision concerns whether or not the relevant pension scheme details have been provided to the Financial Assistance Scheme within the required timescale.


A scheme eligibility decision concerns whether or not pension scheme is a qualifying pension scheme under the Financial Assistance Scheme.


How we carry out our investigation depends on each Appeal. It may be that we write to the Financial Assistance Scheme and ask them for their comments.


If we have received other Appeals that are similar to yours, we may deal with them together. If we intend to do this we will let those involved know.


You can ask for an oral hearing. Whether an oral hearing is needed is ultimately the Ombudsman's decision.


When we have all the information necessary for a decision to be made we will decide what action, if any, the Scheme Manager of the Financial Assistance Scheme should take. When the Ombudsman makes a formal decision, this will be final and binding subject only to an appeal to the Courts.

The Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman is also the Pensions Ombudsman >>