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Appeals to the High Court

Please note that as a result of a recent change in the rules governing proceedings in the High Court in England and Wales all appeals against determinations or directions of the Pensions Ombudsman and the Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman filed on or after 6 April 2014 require the permission of the High Court. This requirement does not at present affect appeals in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

These changes are contained in paragraph 21 of The Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2014 and amend CPR Part 52 rule 52.20.

Further details are contained in the Guidance Notes for Determinations in our Publications section.
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Pensions Ombudsman and Pension Protection Fund Annual Report & Accounts published

The 2009/10 Annual Report and Accounts of the Pensions Ombudsman (and Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman) was published on 26 July.

Highlights are:

Subject Matter
As in previous years the single matter giving rise to more complaints than any other was ill-health pensions (11% of resolved complaints).

There were increases over 2008/9 in the number of enquiries (3632, up 18%) and cases taken on for investigation (950, up 22% after adjustment for anomalies). There was no obvious single reason. The numbers, though significantly higher than the year before, are not without precedent from previous years. It is too early to say whether this has just been a single unusual year or alternatively is the start of an upward trend.
The office resolved 11% more than the target of 800 cases.
There was continuing emphasis on proportionate and early resolution – with an 8% increase in the number of cases resolved without needing formal determination by an ombudsman.

Expenditure was £2.86m, within budget. Target cost to case closure ratios were comfortably met.

In his introduction, commenting on the subject matter the Pensions Ombudsman, Tony King, described it as "very much business as usual".
Referring to the workload he noted that the target number of resolved cases had been exceeded:
"But an increase in workload when future resources will be tight is bound to put us under pressure. We wait to see, sou’westers at the ready, if this is just a temporary fluctuation in the weather or a warning of long term climate change."
22 October 2009

New Deputy Pensions Ombudsman

Yvette Cooper, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has appointed Jane Irvine to be Deputy Pensions Ombudsman (and Deputy Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman). Jane has a background in arbitration and dispute resolution and is Chair of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission. From 2006 to 2008 she was the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman (which was abolished in favour of the commission she now chairs). She also sits on the disciplinary board of the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries and from January 2010 she will be its Chair. Jane is expected to take up her new duties in mid-November. This part time appointment follows the splitting of the previous job into two roles: Deputy Pensions Ombudsman, dealing with determining complaints, and Casework Director, dealing with the management of investigations and staff.

The Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman is also the Pensions Ombudsman >>