About Us

Our role is to investigate and decide:

  • matters where the Board of the Pension Protection Fund has reviewed its decision
  • complaints about the way people and their cases have been handled by the Pension Protection Fund
  • appeals against decisions issued by the Scheme Manager of the Financial Assistance Scheme.


The Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman (PPFO) was established with effect from April 2005 by Act of Parliament. The statutory powers and provisions governing us can presently be found in section 209 of the Pensions Act 2004 (as amended). They are supplemented by Regulations.


The statutory authority for dealing with appeals in relation to the FAS are found in section 286 of the Pensions Act 2004. They are supplemented by Regulations.


The PPFO is a person appointed by the Secretary of State. Tony King is currently the PPFO. The Secretary of State may also appoint a Deputy PPFO, who has the same powers as the PPFO. Jane Irvine is currently the Deputy PPFO. In September 2013, Kim Parsons was appointed as Deputy PPFO until 31 March 2014.


We are not a regulator ("watchdog"), a consumer champion or a trade body. We investigate without taking sides. So when we look at referrals, complaints and appeals, we deal with all sides fairly. We are completely independent and impartial.


The PPFO appoints staff to help conduct investigations and fulfill his functions.


Any decision by the PPFO or the Deputy PPFO is final and legally binding on all the parties unless there has been a successful appeal on a point of law .


The Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman is also the Pensions Ombudsman >>